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You Suck at Movie Watching


Hey there, I’m Thomas. This is You Suck at Movie Watching. A lot of you on Columbus Underground don’t watch old movies, so today we’re going to be going through the TCM schedule for this weekend. This is at an intermediate level, but I mean, for you, this is going to be stupid hard. So, […]


Coming Soon: 2007, the Sequel!

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Coming Soon: 2007, the Sequel! by Travis Irvine For anyone paying attention to the top moneymaking movies of 2007, they will see one common trait: sequels! And not just second installments – 2007 was the year for the rule of three to take effect. Just take a look at the top two blockbusters of the […]

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Charlie Wilson’s Movie

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Charlie Wilson’s Movie by Travis Irvine If you thought questionable politicians in irregular circumstances couldn’t change the course of modern history, see Charlie Wilson’s War and think again. If you thought that a proportionally smaller group of determined people couldn’t bring down an empire, see Charlie Wilson’s War and think again. And, if you thought […]


Sweeney Todd – A Splatter Musical


Sweeney Todd review by Susan Halpern Tim Burton has invented a new film genre, the splatter musical. Sweeney Todd is a great film, although certainly not for everyone. It is, at times, bleak, beautiful, grisly, angry, tragic, and funny. As with all of Tim Burton’s movies, the visual components are amazing. The dark smokey dystopian […]


Becoming a Woman in Zzzzzanskar


Becoming a Woman in Zanskar, showing at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival Review by Travis Irvine I don’t want the title of my review to mislead people – I loved Becoming a Woman in Zanskar, and I do mean the movie, not my own experience. But my love comes from a deep appreciation […]


The Danish Poet

Manatee Manatee

The Danish Poet, showing at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival Running time 14:23 Review by Mandy Henderson My daughter Greta and her father watched the Oscar-winning animated short The Danish Poet. Then she elected to watch it again with both of us– then we watched it again together tonight. Not only did this […]

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Studio 35’s Halloween Lineup

 Jim Lauwers

This post is part 1 of 6. Its subject is Studio 35 itself. Studio 35 Halloween Movie Lineup See www.Studio35.com for more details! Featuring the reviews of: Resident Evil: Extinction – 3 / 5 starsSun. – Thur. 7:00pm (Peter Jackson’s) Dead Alive – 4 / 5 starsSun. – Thur. 8:50pm Blood Car – 4.5 / […]


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