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2009 Columbus International Film + Video Festival


What do dead people (as in zombies), pornography, mortgage foreclosures, genetically modified food, and strawberry jam have in common? The longest running film festival in the US, the 57th Columbus International Film + Video Festival. Beginning with three “Early Bird” screenings in October the festival kicks off an amazingly diverse spread of films “you can’t […]

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The Room is Coming to The Drexel

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The title of “worst film of all time” might be a bit subjective depending on your personal taste, but The Room is quickly claiming that moniker from all who have witnessed it. This 2003 indie release will be making its first Columbus big screen appearance next weekend at The Drexel on October 16 & 17 […]


BREAK: A Horror Film from CutThroat Entertainment


You might think you know what to expect when a mix of irreverent young adults find their way into a dark forest and start tossing around scary campfire tales and blood-drenched rumors about an unstable axe murderer who terrorized the area in the past, but was never captured. As the past starts to horrifically intersect with […]


Putting the Power in ‘A Powerful Noise’


Film review by Roger Landes A Powerful Noise asks nothing from its viewers. At least, not directly. It’s not that kind of documentary. To put it quite simply, it doesn’t need to be. Sure, it’s an activist film with a strong feminist message, but not once will it demand anything from you. But that is […]


Interview with Karl Mechem, Publisher of Short Film

 Submitted News

Columbus is home to many inspired creatures, engaged in multifaceted, often overlapping, worlds of creative production. I met Karl Mechem in 2006, as he was entering his second year publishing a quarterly collection of short films. Karl’s inspiration came from, among many sources, a trip to Mali in 2004 while shooting a low-fi documentary film. […]

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Remember When Aliens Stole Rhodes Tower?

Walker Evans Walker Evans

This CCAD student film from 1980 captures the event perfectly. Thanks to Joe Peffer for tipping us off to this:


DVD Journal, Democratizing Short Films

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The Journal of Short Film is a locally published quarterly DVD collection of short video/film from around the world. In its newest volume, #15, the Journal continues its voice of democratized film distribution, while offering a selection of films along the perimeter of both experimental and documentary practices.

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