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So, What’s Streaming, Then? Plenty.

Hope Madden Hope Madden So, What’s Streaming, Then? Plenty.

Maybe you want to stay home? For whatever reason, no judgment. If you do, well, you’re in luck because loads of movies are streaming this weekend. Some are so good, too! Sound of Metal On Amazon Prime by Hope Madden Riz Ahmed is a guy who can do anything. He can be funny (Four Lions), […]

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Oscar Contenders, Fun Horror & Mel Gibson as Santa in Theaters

George Wolf George Wolf Oscar Contenders, Fun Horror & Mel Gibson as Santa in Theaters

So, for the first time in months, most of the big new releases are hitting theaters only this weekend. They’re worth seeking out, too, so pack a mask. There is at least a 50% chance one of them will piss you off, though.  Not ready to hit theaters yet? No problem! Several of the best […]

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Breathe Deep. Watch a Movie.

Hope Madden Hope Madden Breathe Deep. Watch a Movie.

Quite a week, eh? Who needs a drink and a little escapism? We have that last bit covered. BYOB. Let Him Go In theaters by George Wolf It feels like Kevin Costner and Diane Lane have made ten movies together, doesn’t it? They haven’t, but their low-key and lived-in chemistry keeps you constantly invested in […]

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New Movies for Halloween Weekend

George Wolf George Wolf New Movies for Halloween Weekend

It is Halloween weekend, ghouls and boils! And it’s entirely unsafe to party! So don’t. Just stay in and watch some scary movies. There’s a ton, and even some new ones, fresh-roasted for this weekend. Here are some thoughts. The True Adventures of Wolfboy Available on VOD. by George Wolf (no relation) Have many Young […]

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Very Nice Moviefilms to View. High Five!

Hope Madden Hope Madden Very Nice Moviefilms to View. High Five!

What do we have for your viewing pleasure this week? Rudy Giuliani makes a creepy fool of himself—I know what you’re thinking, but this is different. We also have scary movies, SciFi, suspense, plus a woman who only speaks in Shakespeare quotes. I know people who primarily speak in Simpsons quotes, and she sounds so […]

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Wex’s Virtual Unorthodocs Program Opens Friday

Hope Madden Hope Madden Wex’s Virtual Unorthodocs Program Opens Friday

Pandemic be damned, the Wexner Center for the Arts is determined to bring their annual celebration of nonfiction filmmaking Unorthodocs to moviegoers beginning this weekend. Chris Stults, associate curator of the Wex’s film/video program, talks about virtual film fests, urgent documentary storytelling, and how much he misses seeing movies in the theater. Columbus Underground: Tell me […]

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NFF: Masquerade Launches Wednesday

George Wolf George Wolf NFF: Masquerade Launches Wednesday

It was the summer of widespread discontent, and Jason Tostevin, programmer and co-founder of Nightmares Film Festival at Gateway Film Center, had a decision to make.  In only four years, Tostevin and his team had built NFF into a festival dubbed “the Cannes of Horror,” with a reputation as a can’t-miss fest experience that was […]

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