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Easy Street Café: Easy going

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Alive wrote Easy Street Café: Easy going By Bryan Bullock Perched high above the front door of the Easy Street Café, life-size figures of the Blues Brothers lounge, forever bemused at the unfolding scene below. From atmosphere to menu to clientele, this German Village restaurant and bar is an eclectic little place. Owner George […]


New German Village Bakery: Bakery Gingham


I didn’t see this piece of news anywhere else on the boards, so here goes… Last week i was at Brown Bag deli and the little liquor shop they had on the side was undergoing some construction. i picked up this week’s GV gazette and there is an article about the place going in there. […]


IndoChinese Fusion: the holy grail of ethnic dining


Greetings, fellow foodies. It’s been forever since I’ve written a restaurant review, mainly because I was trying to take some time off from restaurants. Yeah, right – what was I thinking? Well, lately I’ve been back to my roots with a vengeance and I have discovered the holy grail of dining out: IndoChinese fusion cuisine. […]




eating at tasi was really a pleasant surprise. there are plenty of places to get a sandwich/soup/salad for lunch, but few that source local ingredients, make almost all ingredients in house (including roasting their own meats!) and do so for a reasonable price. the menu is expansive and here’s a bonus: they serve breakfast all […]


Northstar Cafe Veggie Burger


I am so not a veggie burger person. I’m a meat eater through and through, and have never met faux meat anything that I’ve liked. I’ve taken bites of hubby’s BK Veggie Burgers in a pinch, but it’s just not the same, cap’n! Ditto pretty much anything based in soy, seitan, or any other protein […]


Jeni’s Ice Creams featured in the New York Times


The New York Times wrote The Gift Is in the Mail, and on the Web By MARIAN BURROS Published: November 28, 2007 TWENTY-FIVE years after writing my first column on sweet, savory and useful mail-order gifts for the holidays — one filled with imported goodies — I’m amazed by how butchers, bakers and candy makers […]


Nazareth Deli


When I posted my recent review of Mi Mi Cafe on Columbus Underground, one of the responses I got advised me to try Nazareth Deli, located on the other side of the same shopping center. The next time we were in the area, we gave it a try, sampling a few different dishes. While we […]


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The Columbus Coffee Festival Returns!

The 6th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival returns on Saturday September 25th and Sunday September 26th!