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Couple opens Chocolate Cafe near Grandview

Walker Evans Walker Evans

This Week News wrote Former broadcasting couple has tasty new station in life with Chocolate Cafe Thursday, October 11, 2007 By GARY SEMAN JR. Phil Wolfe and Lisa Boyle are used to entertaining audiences. At one stage in their careers, he was the TV weather man, she was the producer. They currently own a Video […]


Brownstone on Main Temporarily Closes Doors

Walker Evans Walker Evans Brownstone on Main Temporarily Closes Doors

I’ve heard through the grapevine that the Brownstone on Main has shut down operations for a few weeks while they go through a restructuring period. The owners of the restaurant remained quiet during the Dispatch reports of their recent patio problems, but that issue could be the cause of their temporarly closing.


I-670 cap becoming restaurant row


The Columbus Dispatch wrote I-670 cap becoming restaurant row Thursday, October 11, 2007 By Amy Saunders After three years of nearly constant transition, the Cap at Union Station is starting to chart a clearer direction: all restaurants, no retail. Once Tropical Trends and Thomas Jeffrey move out by November, restaurants will rule the shop-free cap, […]


TeeJaye’s on Dublin Road is closed

 The Hegemo

I just drove past it on my way back from downtown. Sign is gone; it’s empty inside. I usually take 670 to and from work, so I don’t know how long it’s been closed.


Dispatch Dining Guide: Top 20 of 2007


The Columbus Dispatch wrote The top 20 Dining Guide ’07 Friday, September 28, 2007 By Jon Christensen The Columbus restaurant scene is the most competitive ever, with more types of cuisines and price ranges than ever before. Top-notch establishments abound, so restaurants on this list aren’t the only local sources of quality food. Like any […]


Morton’s for Sweetest Day! October 20

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Looking for a special way to celebrate Sweetest Day this year? Why not head to Morton’s The Steakhouse for a delicious Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake. The hot, molten chocolate center is guaranteed to make your sweetie melt with delight! Each month, Morton’s serves more than 31,000 of these tasty cakes worldwide. The dense chocolate cake […]


Otani to mark 23 years with thank-you party

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Columbus Dispatch wrote Otani owner to mark restaurant’s 23 years with thank-you party Tuesday, October 9, 2007 By Bill Chronister Kazushige Honda, the man who introduced Columbus to sushi, plans to say thanks to the community this week for decades of success and fond memories. Honda will mark the 23rd year of Otani Japanese […]


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