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Vegging out at Whole World

 CMH Gourmand

Whole World Bakery and Pizzeria 3269 N High Street Columbus, OH (Clintonville – Corner of Longview and High) 268-5751 Whole World will observe its’ thirtieth anniversary in February 2008. For many years, it was the only vegetarian restaurant in Columbus. In 1998 they updated their menu and deleted the few meat items that had been […]


Pomegranate Mediterrean Cuisine

 Andrew Hall

We got lunch from here today. Mixed bag with some good stuff. Hits : – Moroccan Kaftas – ground lamb w/ raisins and spice. Something different than the usual koftas/keftes – Pomegranate Salad – good greens and dressing – Chicken Shwarma – not unique, but good – Pomegranate Tea – Spanokopita – fresher and cleaner […]


Johnny Oak’s Po Boy & Shrimp Shack

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Columbus Alive wrote Mess Hall by G.A. Benton October 11th, 2007 “If you like my food, tell your friends. If not, keep your mouth shut,” joked Johnny Oak gently as I was exiting his Po Boy and Shrimp Shack. In my hand I held three of his “half”-size sandwiches and two orders of Cajun fries. […]


The Refectory Bistro


Hands down, one of the best dining values in Columbus is the Bistro Menu at the Refectory. Served in the old schoolhouse portion of the restaurant on Monday through Thursday, it gives you a 3-course meal for $21 prix fixe. The choices change every two weeks, and for each course, there are two options to […]


Hoggy’s mostly good product suffers inconsistencies

Walker Evans Walker Evans

This Week News wrote Hoggy’s mostly good product suffers from inconsistencies Thursday, October 11, 2007 By GARY SEMAN JR. Hoggy’s, a local barbecue legend, certainly can deliver the goods, just not all the time. The Sawmill Road location proved to be frustratingly inconsistent on three recent visits. Part of a new development just north of […]

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Couple opens Chocolate Cafe near Grandview

Walker Evans Walker Evans

This Week News wrote Former broadcasting couple has tasty new station in life with Chocolate Cafe Thursday, October 11, 2007 By GARY SEMAN JR. Phil Wolfe and Lisa Boyle are used to entertaining audiences. At one stage in their careers, he was the TV weather man, she was the producer. They currently own a Video […]


Brownstone on Main Temporarily Closes Doors

Walker Evans Walker Evans Brownstone on Main Temporarily Closes Doors

I’ve heard through the grapevine that the Brownstone on Main has shut down operations for a few weeks while they go through a restructuring period. The owners of the restaurant remained quiet during the Dispatch reports of their recent patio problems, but that issue could be the cause of their temporarly closing.


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