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Morton’s for Sweetest Day! October 20

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Looking for a special way to celebrate Sweetest Day this year? Why not head to Morton’s The Steakhouse for a delicious Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake. The hot, molten chocolate center is guaranteed to make your sweetie melt with delight! Each month, Morton’s serves more than 31,000 of these tasty cakes worldwide. The dense chocolate cake […]


Otani to mark 23 years with thank-you party

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Columbus Dispatch wrote Otani owner to mark restaurant’s 23 years with thank-you party Tuesday, October 9, 2007 By Bill Chronister Kazushige Honda, the man who introduced Columbus to sushi, plans to say thanks to the community this week for decades of success and fond memories. Honda will mark the 23rd year of Otani Japanese […]


Hyde Park Expands Across the I-670 Cap


In what is quite the coincidence… during lunch today I made a few more pages progress in Jane Jacobs’ in a chapter called “The self-destruction of diversity”. Using Eighth Street in Greenwich Village as an example of how a vigorous and diverse neighborhood can be damaged by its own initial success. Success by the neighborhood’s […]


Mimis Cafe in Polaris: Highly recommended


Has anyone else tried Mimi’s Cafe in Polaris? They have some excellent food! I’m always impressed by the service and if it’s your first time you get a free case of muffins (a really nice touch!) Try the tuna salad and avocado for lunch and the parmesean-encrusted chicken/penne for dinner. The deep-fried dill pickle chips […]


Estrada in Victorian Village has Closed


I was just walking my dog down King Ave. & I noticed Estrada was closed. Not just “shutting down for the season” closed, but more like “everything of value has been moved out of the building” closed w/ a big “for rent” sign on the front. Obviously the fate of this place has been up […]


Minor menu changes keep The Top a major player

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Columbus Dispatch wrote Minor menu, wine changes keep old favorite a major player Thursday, October 4, 2007 By BY JON CHRISTENSEN When a restaurant with a half-century of tradition and a loyal following changes hands, patrons might become nervous. But as the new owners of the Top Steak House have taken charge during the […]

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Elizabeth Lessner’s Appetite for New Restaurants

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Columbus Alive wrote Appetite for New Restaurants by Brittany Kress October 4th, 2007 As a young bartender new to Columbus in the late ’90s, Elizabeth Lessner wasn’t impressed with the city’s restaurant and bar offerings. So in 2001, she opened one of her own, Betty’s Fine Food and Spirits. Then she opened another. And another. […]


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