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My Old World Bakery


Sometimes it sucks living in a part of town (the west side) that isn’t a destination for dining, shopping, or let’s be honest here – really much a destination of anything. What we do have here, in spades, are the types of shops that your parents would have gone to. Thurn’s for smoked meat. Schumann’s […]


Trattoria La Tavola


Yesterday was our 11th wedding anniversary, and my husband and I hemmed and hawed all week about where we would eat last night. We threw around name after name after name (The Refectory for their full menu? Latitude 41? Alana’s? Rosendale’s? Handke’s? M? L’Antibes?). All we knew is that we wanted it to be something […]


Restaurant review: L’Antibes

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Columbus Alive wrote Restaurant review: L’Antibes by G.A. Benton November 1, 2007 You must head east to reach Antibes, a beach resort on the French Riviera. But travel to the Short North to dine at L’Antibes and you’re taking a trip to yesterday—and one of the best restaurants in Columbus. Why yesterday? Well, though the […]


Rise & Dine founder returns to Columbus for startup

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Columbus Dispatch wrote Rise & Dine founder returns to Columbus, ‘an incubator for startups’ By Monique Curet When Gary Hoyle decided to build a restaurant chain, central Ohio quickly came to mind. Hoyle started Rise & Dine in a resort area of Florida, but the location proved challenging. So Hoyle, a Columbus native and […]


Brown Bag featuring a new "Dinner Out" menu

Coremodels Coremodels

Didn’t know this till I saw it on the website, but BB is apparently doing a dinner and wine carryout for 2 daily changing special now! WOW at the prices and the dinners: Today’s Dinner and Wine 4 Two tonight is: Mini Meatloaf Details: Mini Turkey Individual Meatoaf w/parmesan mashed potatoes Wine: your choice Notes: […]


8 is Closing up and Looking to Relocate

Walker Evans Walker Evans

I just got word this morning from one of the owners that the restaurant and bar “8” in the Short North is going to be closing their doors at 733 N. High on Sunday October 21st. From what I was told, their lease has expired and their landlord was not seeking a renewal. The owners […]


Marcella’s Heading Soon to Polaris and Beyond

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Columbus Dispatch wrote Second Marcella’s to open near Polaris; other cities may be next Tuesday, October 16, 2007 By Bill Chronister Mitchell announced yesterday that he’ll close the Martini Italian Bistro, 1319 Polaris Parkway, on Oct. 29 and reopen it as a Marcella’s Ristorante on Dec. 5. Mitchell already is actively seeking sites for […]


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