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Rosendales Modern Bistro Launches This Weekend

Walker Evans Walker Evans

It was announced a month ago that Rosendales would be undergoing a revamp, which included the conversion of the ground-floor of the restaurant into the new Rosendales Modern Bistro, while keeping the upstairs reserved as the more traditional upscale Rosendales dining experience. The new configuration is launching this weekend and the new online menu includes […]


Strawberries are ripe in Ohio – ready to eat?


Eating local food matters. Consumers are buying organic and looking for the term “free range” on their meats. However, nothing compares to being able to ask a farmer about produce and meats. When it’s on a package, you have to trust – the government, the company … When you eat local, you can ask first-hand […]


CU Top Ten – Best Patios in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Summer is upon us, which means that patio season is in full effect. A month ago, we asked everyone to cast their votes for their favorite patios in the city, so that we could compile a group-sourced Top Ten list of the best that Columbus has to offer. The winner should come as no surprise, […]


Third and Hollywood in Grandview

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The skinny: This is an MBA’s vision of fine dining, not a foodie’s. Food review or summary first? Hmmm. What I said above really sums it up. The restaurant has the feel and execution of a fine dining restaurant created in a boardroom by MBAs who’ve had no real and personal dining experience. The same […]


Restaurant Review: Gloria’s Soul Food

crsimp01 crsimp01

The best part about exploring and throwing caution into the wind is the fact that you will find the best places merely by taking a chance or by what would be described as total accident. That was the result of the drive Christine & I took on Saturday and Gloria’s Soul Food, along East Main […]


Thom’s on Grandview has turned Event-Only

Walker Evans Walker Evans

According to today’s On Restaurants report in the Dispatch, Thom’s on Grandview has closed to the general public and will only be open during special private parties and events. This news comes a year after owner Thom Coffman announced that the restaurant is for sale, and is instead focusing on a major renovation project at […]


Soupman Not Paying Rent at Broad & High

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Original Soupman chain that opened in Broad & High has not been paying their rent. Casto is working on getting them out of the spot.


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