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The buzz on Columbus’ flourishing food scene, from upscale eateries to corner cafes.

Buying Local at the Grocery Store: Hills Market


Eating local food matters. Farmers’ markets have never been more popular. On any given Saturday morning, in any given community across the U.S. (including metro-Columbus), thousands of people descend upon their downtown to look at fresh fruits and veggies, homemade baked goods and organic, free-range meats, from local farmers. And it’s becoming easier to follow […]


Columbus Foodcast #41 – Apron Gala Survival Guide


From The Columbus Foodcast: We share our Apron Gala debriefing as well as outline our general North Market Event Survival guide. Here is a hint: wear cargo pants. A big welcome to Anne of Green Leanings as this was her first Foodcast appearance. We hope to have her back soon. [Read More] You can use […]

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Eating On The Fly – A Restaurant Review

 Submitted News

Dragonfly has been my favorite restaurant for years. Giddy, happy feelings envelop me every time I enter that space. It must be a combination of the hypnotic atmosphere and the splendiferous organic vegan food. My boyfriend and I recently tried On The Fly, Dragonfly’s six-month-old casual “Counter + Carryout” eatery located next to the restaurant. […]


Tee Jaye’s Country Place – Breakfast Review

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From Breakfast with Nick: Tee Jaye’s Country Place Having lived in Columbus for nearly seven years, I’ve heard about Tee Jaye’s time and again. All the commercials bill Tee Jaye’s as a great family restaurant, with something to please everyone. Over the years, I never really had cause to go, and only in the past […]


Rosendales Modern Bistro Launches This Weekend

Walker Evans Walker Evans

It was announced a month ago that Rosendales would be undergoing a revamp, which included the conversion of the ground-floor of the restaurant into the new Rosendales Modern Bistro, while keeping the upstairs reserved as the more traditional upscale Rosendales dining experience. The new configuration is launching this weekend and the new online menu includes […]


Strawberries are ripe in Ohio – ready to eat?


Eating local food matters. Consumers are buying organic and looking for the term “free range” on their meats. However, nothing compares to being able to ask a farmer about produce and meats. When it’s on a package, you have to trust – the government, the company … When you eat local, you can ask first-hand […]


CU Top Ten – Best Patios in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Summer is upon us, which means that patio season is in full effect. A month ago, we asked everyone to cast their votes for their favorite patios in the city, so that we could compile a group-sourced Top Ten list of the best that Columbus has to offer. The winner should come as no surprise, […]


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