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Best Drink of 2008: Pretty Much Everything

Walker Evans Walker Evans

What happens when you mix one part “subjective survey question” with one part “unlimited answers”? Well, you end up no real clear winner in our category of Best Drink of 2008. Although one thing is for sure… people in Columbus sure do like to drink. In 2006, Forbes ranked Columbus as the Third Drunkest City […]


BrewLounge.com Review: Elevator Brewing Co.

Walker Evans Walker Evans

BrewLounge.com wrote Elevator Brewing Company in Columbus, OH THURSDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2008 by Bryan Kolesar A little over a month ago, I found myself in Columbus, Ohio for the Penn State/Ohio State college football game. We guys stayed in a downtown hotel within spitting distance of The Ohio Statehouse. As for good beer within walking […]

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Europia: Giving the People What They Want

 The Wayfarer

LifeEpicurean.com wrote Europia & Bob Corkwell: Giving the People What They Want Saturday, October 25, 2008 BY CHRIS SPINATO For many people, getting serious about wine, spirits, cigars, or good food means stretching what is already a tight budget, being snobby, or alienating the “working class” sensibilities many of us were raised with. Thankfully, those […]


Brews Cruise: A Review of Six Microbreweries

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Alive wrote Brews cruise Thursday, September 18, 2008 By G.A. Benton My assignment: to report on the six brave locally situated microbreweries who could. To this end, over the course of several beery and bleary and blessed days, I rustled up a few enablers, er, I mean designated drivers (who’ve subsequently shown me barely […]


In Search of a City: CVS (Non-Rubbing) Alcohol Sales

Walker Evans Walker Evans

downtowncolumbus.com wrote In Search of a City: CVS (Non-Rubbing) Alcohol Sales Posted on September 2nd, 2008 When I see chronic alcoholics, many with mental health problems, buying cheap, fortified wine and “tall boys” at the downtown CVS pharmacy, I am reminded of an experience I had several years ago with a crack house near my […]


Pace-High Carryout to reopen Aug 2

 michael macarthur

As a longtime fan of the two places to assemble my own microbrew six-packs in this town (Pace-High in Clintonville, Gentile’s in Grandview), I bemoaned the second — and apparently final — shuttering of Pace-High several months ago. Sure, the old place was dingy, dim and remarkably devoid of amenities like A/C. But the thrill […]


Beer at the State Fair. Round Two.

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Ohio wineries and breweries are an important and growing part of the agricultural landscape in our state, yet they have no place at our State Fair. “Beer at the Fair” is back in the news this year as Union County has recently ok’ed the taboo beverage for sale at their 2008 county fair. If you’ll […]


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