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Catch Up With: The Crest Gastropub

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Catch Up With: The Crest GastropubPhoto via The Crest.
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It’s been a year now since Crest Gastropub opened in Clintonville at 2855 Indianola Avenue. They opened last April to much anticipation, and have only gained steam since then due to a potent combination of scratch-crafted fare and artisan beers that keeps fans coming back in droves.

As we check in with Crest Gastropub, we learn things are only going to get better. Firstly, they’re expanding their gardens, both on the ground and on the roof. The Crest is one of the pioneering leaders in the city’s food scene when it comes to sustainability and locality, where what they grow generally ends up on the plate.

Expansion of their gardens means continued variety of seasonal ingredients for the diner. The garden is currently 800 square feet, and will double in size to roughly 1,500-1,800 square feet once the project is completed.

The added room means a more diverse range of crops can be planted. Trish Clark, founding member of Local Matters and Manager of The Crest’s gardens and sustainable efforts, grew over 350 pounds of herbs, greens, and edible flowers last year, and this year, plans to add to that.

Thanks to a close working relationship with Tim Lai Architect and Sullivan Construction, varietals of limes, lemons, basil, rainbow chard, red noodle pole beans, and cinnamon are already planted. Heirloom peppers, tomatoes, beets, squash, and more have also taken root in the garden, which will now be available to the public.

Just this past March, The Crest was awarded the Green Spotlight Award for Best Green Business in the city. Their rooftop garden, which too has been expanded by 10 feet on the south side, not only serves a nutritional purpose, but an aesthetic one as well, with the addition of new privacy screens and trellises.

In addition to living the sustainable lifestyle, The Crest is teaching it, partnering with OSU students to incorporate an educational rain garden on site, and offering workshops to farmers and artisan producers from across the Midwest, like the recent Growers Workshop & Brunch, in an effort to increase the success of local sourcing.

Earth Day is important in The Crest’s year of events. They opened last year in conjunction with the worldwide celebration of conservation and preservation, and this year, they celebrate their anniversary with another community party on Saturday, April 19th, 11am – 5pm.

The parking lot will be closed that day (don’t worry, there will be free valet), and everyone from the neighborhood is invited for a day filled with food, friends, a petting zoo, and a Johnny Cash cover band.

Farmers and other vendors will also be on hand to give away seeds and seedlings for customers to start their own gardens. It’s all part of The Crest’s commitment to a global farm-to-table effort that’s the backbone of why they continue to do what they do.

“The Crest is continuing to focus on strategic partnerships to strengthen our business,” shares Clark. “Our mission is to serve exceptional food while providing upstanding service and a commitment to the community and planet.”

In the future, The Crest Gastropub will be expanding its non-alcoholic beverage program, adding local soda makers, Rambling House, to their lineup. In addition, diners can expect open-roof dining and a mural from a local artist to grace the dining room’s walls.

For more on Crest Gastropub’s gardens and menus, visit www.thecrestgastropub.com.

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