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Catch Up With: Sweet Carrot Food Truck

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Catch Up With: Sweet Carrot Food TruckAll photos by Ayana Wilson.
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Did you know that Sweet Carrot is an anagram of Two Caterers? Well, it is, and it’s the reason why Angela Petro, who launched Two Caterers some 17 years ago, named her food truck as she did when it rolled out in 2012.

In 2013, Petro moved her base of operations to the High Line Car House, located at 550 South High Street. The building is one of four original trolley barns that once populated the area, and Petro has gutted the 10,000 square feet to make room for a commercial kitchen, warehouse, and event space.

She also added an additional 2,000 square feet to the building which now serves as office space. And directly outside the building sits the food truck, amidst several tables and chairs so diners can enjoy the South High bustle as they devour their meals.


The Sweet Carrot Food Truck is known for delivering simple, causal fare that’s bursting with flavor. Their signature items of late have been their Loaded items, especially in Pig for the carnivores, and Art for vegetarian diners.

The Loaded Pig is a corn cake topped with decadent mac ‘n’ cheese, house-smoked pulled pork, creamy coleslaw, Sweet Carrot’s insanely good, signature corn salsa, and barbecue sauce. The Loaded Art replaces the pork with fried, cornmeal-dusted artichoke hearts.


Guests can get the pulled pork or artichokes by themselves, or simply atop a corn cake. Sweet Carrot also offers Ohio Chicken Meatballs this way, as well as as a Loaded Item. These items cost $5-$10.

Sweet Carrot is open for lunch Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 11am – 1:30pm. The patio area can seat 32-40 guests at a time, and is available for group lunches.

Currently, Petro is working on obtaining a liquor license so that alcohol can be served on the patio, and the hours of operation extended out there. The goal is to add a Friday Happy Hour and $5 wine tastings for the public.

“We’ve always been about serious food with a sense of whimsy, and the food truck allows us to tap into that creative side,” shares Petro. “I’ve grown up with this company, so now, that’s the focus: doing things in a grown up way, while staying true to the collective, innovative voice of the company.”


Look for the Sweet Carrot food truck at Taste the Future on August 12th, The 4th Annual Food Truck Festival on August 15th-16th, the Upper Arlington Labor Day Festival on September 1st, and at the Country Living Fair, September 12th-14th.

The truck is especially popular at events like these because service at the truck is so quick. As professional caterers, the crew at Sweet Carrot pretty much guarantees meal delivery in 3 minutes, as they staff smartly, and know how to efficiently serve hot food to a large crowd.

Petro is already looking for a brick-and-mortar as she thinks about the next steps for Sweet Carrot. Till then, The High Line Car House is an ideal option for your next occasion, its location, size, and amenities second to none in the city.

The High Line Car House comfortably accommodates 220 guests for special events, like weddings, and can seat 300 persons for other events, like corporate lunches. The brick and beam of the interior is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the 1873 original in all its refurbished glory.

For more on Sweet Carrot Food Truck, check out their website, www.sweetcarrotcolumbus.com.

Photos by Ayana Wilson.





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