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Cat Cafe Purrs Yoga With Felines

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Cat Cafe Purrs Yoga With FelinesEat, Purr, Love Cat Cafe hosts yoga with cats every month. Photo by Nancy Alkire.
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“Think of your breath like a cat’s purr … a sound for soothing … it vibrates calmness through your whole being …,” So began the latest yoga class at Columbus’ cat cafe: Eat, Purr, Love. Every month, Kitty Maer who loves humans, cats, and art leads a laid-back yoga class for humans amidst the cats available for adoption. Yogatos is held the first Tuesdays each month at 3041 Indianola Ave.

Eat, Purr, Love is one of the best date places in Columbus. For a minimal cover charge of $10, you get admission to a very unique space. There are the usual cafe items including locally roasted coffee and many treats from the Pattycake Bakery, but once you pass through the double screen doors, you are in a feline-human heaven. From the near-the-ceiling catwalk to custom catnap hammocks, everything in the cat cafe is designed to maximize feline happiness and encourage friendly interactions with humans.

The mission of the cat cafe is, “Connecting homeless cats with loving people.” Chrissy Kuras, owner of Eat, Purr, Love works closely with the Capital Area Humane Society which provides adult cats for the cafe.

“We usually have a dozen or so cats at any one time,” says Kuras. The cats at Eat, Purr, Love have been fixed and given appropriate vaccinations, so with the exception of a few special keeper cats, all the cats at the cat cafe are all ready for adoption. Since opening in Sept. 2016, Eat, Purr, Love has had over 180 adoptions.

Gemma Claire visiting Padmasana (Lotus Pose). Photo by Tom Griffith.

Clintonville cat owners Justin and Yvonne Kale have also found Kuras and the cat cafe staff very helpful with general cat advice.

“We had two cats from the same litter already, and when we adopted a new one, [Chrissy] gave us lots of good tips to help our new cat adjust,” said Yvonne.

How did cat yoga with Kitty Maer come about? Through local author of the Crime Cat series, Wolfgang Parker.

“We have been together 14 years,” smiled Maer. “Chrissy and he worked together on some things, and yoga came into the picture, too.”

Beside supporting local author, Wolfgang Parker, the cat cafe also gives a venue to many local artisans. The cafe has handcrafted catnip mice, cat-themed crafts and jewelry are for sale.

“Old Man Withers (which curiously funds shark charities) cannot make jewelry fast enough for us sometimes,” said Kuras. Eat, Purr, Love is a good place to pick up gifts for the feline-o-phile (officially, ailurophile) in your life. A trip to the cat cafe for one of their events like coloring with cats or painting also sounds fun, but I went for the yoga.

What is yoga with cats like? Totally the cat’s meow! It is so cool to take a break during Down Dog to stroke a sleek and well-fed cat. Also, the cats get to enjoy one of their favorite activities: tripping humans. Balance poses like Tree are especially fun for the cats who like to rub around one’s ankles. Catnip treats and cat toys are provided to yogis to encourage cat interaction. Some cats relish the playing with humans while others enjoy being “supervisory cats” on the sidelines. Doing the “cat” pose in yoga while a pair of green, feline eyes stare at you is very different than the usual yoga class, and you have to pay extra attention to your feet in case a kitty is underneath. Maer closes the class by asking everyone to chant, “Me-OM!” Again, it is a very fun yoga class and for a good cause.

The next yoga with cats session is Sept. 5, 2017. “Yogatos” cat yoga classes are the first Tuesday of every month. The cost of class ($20) goes to support the many worthy programs at Eat, Purr, Love.

For more information, visit eatpurrlovecatcafe.com.


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