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Car2Go Expanding to Grandview Heights and Fifth by Northwest

Walker Evans Walker Evans Car2Go Expanding to Grandview Heights and Fifth by NorthwestPhoto by Walker Evans.
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Car sharing service car2go is ready to expand for the fourth time since launching last October (the first expansion was to Ohio State, next was Easton Town Center, and most recently was Port Columbus). This time, they’re planning on heading west to include the city of Grandview Heights, the village of Marble Cliff, and the Fifth by Northwest neighborhood.

“Basically, we have approval from the Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff municipalities, which is awesome, and we’re in a holding pattern right now until we have the final go ahead from the city of Columbus,” explained Adrianne Andang, Communications Manager for car2go North America. “We’re expecting a positive response by week’s end, as the City of Columbus has been very in the loop and on board with the expansion.”

Once approved, the expansion would take effect immediately.  

The existing 33 square mile home service area for car2go would grow to nearly 40 square miles with this expansion, but that will not spread the existing fleet thin. car2go committed in April to adding another 50 vehicles to their available car lineup, which brings the total for the region to 300.

For ongoing discussion and updates on car2go, CLICK HERE to visit our Messageboard.

For more information, visit columbus.car2go.com.


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