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Capital Fitness to Open 24-Hour Downtown Gym

Walker Evans Walker Evans Capital Fitness to Open 24-Hour Downtown Gym
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New Years Day is still over a month away, but it’s not too early to start thinking about making some resolutions. Capital Fitness would like to help you out with your fitness goals in 2013, as they plan to open a new 24-hour gym in Downtown Columbus in March of next year.

The new locally-owned gym will be taking over the former Lifestyle Family Fitness facility that closed in November 2011. The 22,000-square foot space is located on the second floor of the Fifth Third Center at the corner of State Street and High Street with views that overlook the Ohio Statehouse lawn.

Owner and Operator Wade Sarber is a nuclear engineer by trade who’s true passion in life is bodybuilding. He’s been active in the sport for over 20 years, taking interest from his father and uncle who participated in strength training before him.

“As Downtown residents, we have both been looking at what the community needs and what the community wants,” said Yavonne Sarber, wife of Wade and owner of de-NOVO Bistro and Manifesto Tuscan Grato. “People want to have a fitness facility as much as they want places to go eat, drink and socialize with friends.”

While the dual ownership of restaurants and fitness facilities may sound a bit strange, Yavonne says that it makes total sense to the couple.

“Wade wants to incorporate a healthy menu option at both restaurants,” she explained. “That way people know that they can go downstairs after working out and get certain items at either restaurant that will be delicious and know they’re not eating something bad for them.”

The abrupt closure of Lifestyle Family Fitness doesn’t seem to concern the Sarbers as they say that the growing interest in Downtown living along with the ongoing development of nearly 400 new apartment units within a block from the gym gives them reason to believe that demand for business will continue to increase.

“From what we understand, the reason Lifestyle Family Fitness failed is because the LLC failed and all six of their gym locations were closed,” said Yavonne. “It wasn’t for lack of customers Downtown.”

After opening next Spring, Capital Fitness will feature 24-hour security and access to a yoga room, sauna room, tanning beds, kickboxing classes, zumba classes, a new weight room, and other state of the art workout equipment. Monthly rates will start at $39 with daily basis and long term contract incentives available.

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