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Cameron Mitchell Restaurants and Rise Brands Bring Two More Venues to Bridge Park

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Cameron Mitchell Restaurants and Rise Brands Bring Two More Venues to Bridge Park
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Two new concepts are heading to Bridge Park West. Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ The Pearl and Rise Brands’ No Soliciting will open there later this year, occupying the same building and filling out the two restaurant groups’ lineup of bars and restaurants in the Dublin development.

Located in a building currently under construction at the base of Bridge Park’s pedestrian bridge, The Pearl, a tavern known for its cocktails and oysters, will take over the first floor; No Soliciting, a members-only cocktail bar, will fill in the lower level. The building sits just south of another CMR restaurant, The Avenue Steak Tavern.

“We’ve had a longstanding relationship with Rise Brands and Cameron Mitchell. Their successes here have been fantastic and very well received,” says Brent Crawford, Principal and Founder of Crawford Hoying, the company behind the Bridge Park development. “So, the idea came out of, what else would be a great possibility here and would work well in conjunction with what they already have here.”

With Pins Mechanical Co. and 16-Bit Bar + Arcade’s Dublin locations, Rise Brands owner Troy Allen saw the addition of No Soliciting as a perfect fit. 

The exclusive cocktail bar opened its first location in Downtown Columbus last year, and the demand for memberships has yet to slow down. Although there are roughly 340 members, Allen says he’s received over 3,000 applications. The opening of No Soliciting in Bridge Park is expected to double the bar’s capacity for memberships, which also guarantee access to each location.

On the lower level of the building, No Soliciting Dublin will offer a little more room than the Downtown location, hosting several more private areas and a separate room to view sporting events. Unique to the new location is a large, partly covered patio, which will have a couple fire features and overlook the pedestrian bridge and the river.

The opening of a second location for No Soliciting coincides with the original location’s expansion, to be completed later this year. Downtown, they’re building out a kitchen and dining room, adding about 4,000 square feet to their building on East Chestnut Street. Details on the menu will be dialed in within the next few months, but Allen said to expect upscale, yet accessible comfort foods.

No Soliciting Dublin won’t have a kitchen, but Crawford said guests will be able to order from The Pearl and get their food delivered.

Though Crawford confirmed CMR’s plans for The Pearl’s Bridge Park location, the company has only released a short statement indicating that “we don’t have any specific news to share at this time.”

The restaurant group opened Cap City Fine Diner at Bridge Park in the summer of 2017, followed by the opening of The Avenue Steak Tavern at Bridge Park West last May. They also debuted The Exchange, a contemporary, open event space, in the fall of 2017. 

For more information, visit bridge-park.com.

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