First Piece of Budd Dairy Development Getting Close to Approval

Brent Warren Brent Warren First Piece of Budd Dairy Development Getting Close to ApprovalRendering by Shremshock Architects.
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The first piece of what could be a transformative development along the North Fourth Street corridor in Italian Village is close to receiving approval from the Italian Village Commission.

The Lykens Companies presented the latest design to the commission earlier this week. Submitted renderings show a three-and-a-half-story, 35-unit building at the northeast corner of East Fourth Avenue and North Fourth Street. A below-grade parking garage would be accessed from East Greenwood Avenue.

Developer Kevin Lykens said that he plans to bring the proposal for the corner back to the commission next month, and is hopeful that it will receive final approval at that time.

Commissioner Jason Sudy said that much progress has been made on the design.

“We voted to continue the application, and we had a good discussion on most outstanding points,” he said. “We gave them a list of items we’d like to see clarified and they agreed to minor design changes on the front corner portion.”

A larger plan – first presented to the commission in March of last year – called for a total of five new buildings surrounding the renovated Budd Dairy Building at 1086 N. Fourth. Commissioners at the time raised concerns about the buildings looking too similar, so the approach since then has been to break up the project into sections, starting with a review of the northernmost building first before proceeding on to the others.

Lykens completed the redevelopment of the Wonder Bread building a few blocks south of this site in 2013 and controls the Beer Barn site at the northwest corner of East Fifth Avenue and North Fourth. He has also received approval to redevelop the E.J. Thomas Building and build four townhomes on Detroit Avenue, and recently purchased the Columbus Electrical Works building at 777 N. Fourth. Lykens said he has no plans for that property yet as it is still under lease.

Rendering by Shremshock Architects.

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