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Broken Records & Beehives Combines Hair and Music

Nen Lin Soo Nen Lin Soo Broken Records & Beehives Combines Hair and MusicAll photos by Nen Lin Soo.
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“Be careful what you wish for” is almost always uttered with a negative connotation in mind.

And when Broken Records & Beehives co-owner, Jeremy Scott, jokingly suggested to his wife, Allison Scott, the idea of starting a record store with a shared space with her to work on people’s hair, it almost seemed too good to be true.

Allison Scott had been in the hair industry for 14 years and she was preparing to head out to Los Angeles to take a class and visit some friends when that conversation occurred.

“One of my pipe dreams had always been to work on a record shop or something, because while I can’t play an instrument, and I’ve only done some singing in the past, this is my side of music­– collecting, having useless knowledge of music or whatnot,” Jeremy Scott said.

After bouncing the idea off several people in Los Angeles, Allison Scott returned to Columbus to delve deeper into the concept with Jeremy Scott.

“It made sense that it does fit together and we could make it fit together,” Jeremy Scott said. “It’s one thing if you had a really high-end salon and you had someone who sold punk records, but if we had the right space and the right vibe, it could and should work, because there is a crossover to it with how you feel and the style of the place.”


With that in mind, the Scotts developed the retro rock n’ roll vibe reflected in the current space, from the colored walls, to the selection of new and used records stocked at the front portion of the store, to the concept of the operating hair parlor at the back.

Broken Records & Beehives plays to the openness of the space, with Jeremy Scott experimenting with the music that plays in the background when a client comes in for his or her hair appointment. Often times, Allison Scott’s clients can also pick out the music they want to listen to from record store collection.

“He’s great at playing different eclectic stuff,” Allison Scott said. “It’s nice because it’s not like you’re listening to the radio, and you’ve heard the song 10 times already today.”

The customer experience in the store also contributes to the vibe the Scotts created.

“I’ve thought of it myself,” Allison Scott said. “If I’m going to go sit down and hear an acoustic set while I’m getting my hair done on a Saturday, why not? That gears in on the virtual rock vibe and it kind of went into the retro theme.”

Whether you’re solely after a new hairstyle, or you’re on a hunt for pre-loved records, owners of the storefront located off King Avenue on Hess Street assures its customers that there is ease and accessibility when visiting the store.

Jeremy Scott counts his blessings for being sandwiched between The Tree Bar and King Avenue Five, both of which are music venues.


“They (King Avenue Five) host national acts over there, and so it’s nice that we can build off of them or vice versa,” Jeremy Scott said.

With Broken Records and Beehives approaching its one-year anniversary this September, Jeremy Scott looks to organizing more live music sessions within the store. An avid supporter of local music, he has hosted album releases in the past, along with performances on Record Store Day April this year.

As for Allison Scott, she is still looking for a barber that specializes in old-fashioned shaves to work together with her and hairstylist, Todd Cleveland, to round up her hair parlor concept.

“We know we have to wait a little bit but that’s for down the road. There’s the good and the challenges to come to owning a business that’s unique,” Jeremy Scott said. “If something seems off and we want to change it, we can change it and it won’t be that big of a deal, but then again, because it’s unique, sometimes it’s hard to get the questions answered and figure out what you want to change.”

Call (614) 564-9411 to book a hair appointment with Cleveland or for any other enquires.

For more info, visit www.brokenrecordsandbeehives.com.





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