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Broad Street Named as Most Accident-Prone for Drivers

Walker Evans Walker Evans Broad Street Named as Most Accident-Prone for Drivers
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The Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) just released their annual list of most dangerous intersections for automobile drivers in Central Ohio, and once again, the list is topped by the heavily trafficked crossroads of Morse Road and Cleveland Avenue on the city’s northeast side. Over 57,000 cars travel through this intersection every day, and there were 71 crashes there in 2013 (or, one every five days).

While that sounds bad, you might actually have better odds there than you would if you drove the length of Broad Street on a regular basis. Broad Street takes the crown this year with the highest total number of accident-prone intersections in MORPC’s Top 40 list. Those high-crash cross-streets include James Road, Waggoner Road, Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road and Rosehill Road on the east side, and Georgesville Road, Wilson Road and Hague Avenue on the west side.

Cleveland Avenue comes in second on the list with six intersections in the Top 40. Morse Road has five, Refugee Road has four, and all other streets have three or less.

“Understanding where traffic crashes occur is an important first step in improving the safety on our roadways,” said Kerstin Carr, MORPC Director of Planning & Environment. “We are working closely with our members and the Ohio Department of Transportation to identify engineering, education, and enforcement strategies that can help reduce injuries and deaths resulting from traffic crashes.”

For more information, visit www.morpc.org/transportation/safety/.

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