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Bring your Bike Donations to Third Hand Bike Co-op

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If you, your parents, your kids, your neighbors have unused bikes or bike parts bring them to Third Hand at 174 East Fifth Ave, Columbus, OH 43201.

Bike Donations are accepted Mondays & Wednesdays from 6-9 and Saturdays from noon till 6pm. If that doesn’t work for you, email us and we will accommodate your schedule. If you have several bikes, we can make arrangements for picking them up. All donations will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Third Hand’s primary purpose is to promote sustainable transportation, and we do so in 5 key ways.

1) Empowering community members with the skills knowledge to repair their own bikes. Third Hand provides experienced volunteer mechanics, specialized tools, and the space for Columbus residents to bring their bikes for repair. We are not a commercial bike repair shop, however. Our volunteer mechanics walk you through the repair showing you how to do it for yourself- at no cost. For those whose income is limited, this is invaluable. Third Hand is located in the Weinland Park area and a lot of the people who come through the shop use their bikes to get to work and feed their families.

2) Rescuing bikes headed for the landfill. Unwanted bikes are accepted as donations no matter their condition. These bikes are evaluated and refurbished by volunteers as a way to sharpen their mechanic skills and then sold back to the community at a nominal cost. If the bikes are unsafe or beyond repair the usable parts are salvaged down to the nuts and bolts and the rest of the bike is recycled.

3) Providing access to inexpensive reliable transportation so that anyone can afford to ride a bike. Cycling can be expensive. There is the cost of the bike, a helmet, lock, not to mention special gear, tools and repairs. Third Hand believes that choosing to ride should be within everyone’s reach. That is why membership to the Co-operative can be earned by volunteering 4 hours. Every hour of volunteer time afterward translates into Co-op Credits which can be used to purchase up to 75% off of bikes, parts and accessories. Helmets (when we have them) are free to all.

4) Giving the youth of Wienland Park positive adult role models and a sense of accomplishment while re-enforcing safety and environmental responsibility to Columbus’s next generation of cyclists. Third Hand has recently revived the Earn-A-Bike program where youth are mentored in mechanical skills, taught bike safety, and upon completion of the program take home a bike of their own.

5) Promoting the culture of cycling and the viability of cycling as alternative transportation in Columbus. Third Hand volunteers realize their responsibility in fostering an inclusive culture of cycling in Columbus. Our volunteers are a melange of people of all sizes from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. Everyone is made to feel welcome and encouraged to become Co-op members no matter their skill level -everyone has something to offer. Co-op members also see themselves as examples in the community and ride accordingly – and by that I mean everywhere, whether it’s commuting, getting groceries, or just out for fun. We also regularly partner with Consider Biking to broaden the scope of each other’s outreach and utilize each other’s resources.

For more information about the organization or if you are interested in volunteering please visit www.thirdhand.org

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