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Brezel Coming Soon to The North Market

Walker Evans Walker Evans Brezel Coming Soon to The North Market
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Brezel is the latest in a string of business growing into The North Market, following closely behind The Barrel and Bottle and Clever Crow Pizza. Owners Brittany Baum and Maria Battaglia-Gentile will bring their popular Bavarian-style pretzels to customers at the market.

“There could not be two more delightful, enthusiastic and energetic individuals than our two new owners of Brêzel artisan pretzels,” said Dave Wible, Executive Director of the North Market. “Brittany and Maria have literally started this business in their own kitchens and in short time built a fabulous reputation for their wonderful pretzels.”

We recently conducted a quick Q&A interview with Brittany and Maria to find out more:

Q: For those living under a rock, tell us a bit about the background of brezel.

A: We started brezel – our gourmet Bavarian-style pretzel company – in 2008, while we were working together for the State of Ohio. We had become really great friends and realized we were both very into food and cooking and baking, and always talked about the pipe dream of one day opening up our own spot. One day, we were actually looking for pretzels downtown and realized we couldn’t find any. We said “Hey – why not try and make our own?” So we started making pretzels on the weekends as a sort of hobby and our very willing friends and family taste tested our creations. We started getting really good feedback – especially from some of our friends who are native Bavarians. We then began selling at farmers’ markets around town and received such a good reaction that we got really excited about the possibility of turning our fun project into something much bigger. Over the next two seasons, we started to build momentum and some wonderfully loyal customers while vending at the Columbus Winter Farmers’ Market and the Clintonville Farmers’ Markets. We started selling online and catering events and about a year ago decided that we were going to make a run opening up a bakery and retail location for brezel.

Q: What drew you to seeking out a spot at the North Market?

A: The North Market is a Columbus landmark. It’s a fantastic place full so many different types of food and food products, cultures, and people. It’s a new experience every time you visit. We really love the North Market because there’s always something fun and interesting going on and it’s a true hub of the Columbus community. We felt that we could offer something really unique to North Market patrons as part of the Market community and we also thought being part of the Market community would be a great fit for us as we expand our business. We are very honored to be chosen as the newest tenants of the Market!

Q: What sort of menu offerings will you have at the market?

A: We will be offering all of the pretzels, buns, twists, and nuggets that we currently have on our menu and we will most likely rotate flavors on a daily or weekly basis to keep things interesting. We’re always working on new recipes so we are excited that with extra space, we can really expand on our current menu and offer some new and really unique gourmet pretzel flavors and other items. We’re also working on homemade mustards, dips, and other condiments to offer as tasty compliments to our pretzels. While we will offer our pretzels at first, we’ve actually approved by the North Market to expand our menu into other pretzel-related items! You might see sandwiches on pretzel bread and pretzel rolls, salads with giant pretzel croutons. We love the creativity to which pretzels lend themselves – so you’ll have to keep an eye on us to see what we come up with next!

Q: Any collaborative efforts with other merchants at the North Market?

A: We don’t have any collaborations in the works right now, but with so many great vendors there, we’re excited to see what partnerships we might be able to develop. If you asked us what some of our dream collaborations would be, they would definitely include a pretzel ice cream sandwich with Jeni’s Spendid Ice Creams and a killer pretzel pizza with our new neighbors Clever Crow. We’ve experimented with both ideas at home and were really pleased with the results, but can only imagine what sort of magic might happen if the ice cream and pizza gurus were involved!

Q: What is the target opening date for the North Market space?

A: Our opening date right now isn’t set in stone. We’re starting our build-out process soon and with that comes permits and inspections. We’re hoping to be hope sometime in December, but don’t have a firm date as of yet. brezel will be open for core market hours and on the weekends. We’re toying with the idea of being closed on Monday as many of the other Market merchants are, but we’ll post on our web site (and facebook and twitter) what our actual hours will be as soon as we nail them down. As for a grand opening party – we are definitely planning to throw a bash for all of our absolutely amazing families, friends, customers and everyone in the community who has shown us such love and support as we’ve started this journey. Details are also forthcoming on the event, but we will be sure to let everyone know about that as well!

Q: Anything else we should know?

A: The amount of support we’ve gotten from our families, friends, customers, and the Columbus community has been almost unreal. We wouldn’t be where we are today without it and we can’t thank everyone enough. It’s been and incredible couple of years and we’ve needed every ounce of love and support to take our fun and quirky idea and turn it into a great business in Columbus. A big thank you to everyone!

More info can be found online at BrezelPower.com and NorthMarket.com.

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