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Brew Ha Ha – New Comedy Festival Launching in July

Walker Evans Walker Evans Brew Ha Ha – New Comedy Festival Launching in July
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For the past three years, Shadowbox Live has been producing a Sketch Comedy Competition at their old Easton location. In response to the success of the event, and to capitalize upon last year’s relocation to The Brewery District, the group is expanding the show into a comedy and music festival called Brew Ha Ha, which will span three days and multiple venues.

“Ever since we first moved into our new home, helping to reactivate the Brewery District has been one of our top priorities,” said Nikki Fagin, Shadowbox Live’s director of media relations. “Expanding the Sketch Comedy Competition into a district-wide festival seemed like a great way to do that!”

In addition to Shadowbox Live, there will be live entertainment hosted at World of Beer, The Patio, Brewmaster’s Gate, Via Vecchia Winery, Claddagh’s Irish Pub and Victory’s.

Headliners for the festival include comedic magician Michael Kent, one-man punk show Hammel on Trial, and stand-up comedian / mayor of Hillsboro, Ohio, Drew Hastings.

“This year we will host our fourth annual Shadowbox Live Sketch Comedy Competition as well as stand up comedy, comedic short videos, live bands on all three nights, and more,” said Fagin. “Oh, and the Brew Ha Ha will be hosted by original Saturday Night Live alum Garrett Morris!”

The full entertainment lineup and additional details will be announced over the next month as the event draws nearer. Brew Ha Ha 2012 takes place from July 16th through July 18th in The Brewery District.

More information can be found online at www.columbusbrewhaha.com.

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