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BREAK: A Horror Film from CutThroat Entertainment

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You might think you know what to expect when a mix of irreverent young adults find their way into a dark forest and start tossing around scary campfire tales and blood-drenched rumors about an unstable axe murderer who terrorized the area in the past, but was never captured. As the past starts to horrifically intersect with the present, you might think your suspicions were correct. You might be terribly wrong. If some of your gruesome predictions prove true, know that this is only the beginning. The scene will change and your comfort levels will be tested in some terrifying ways.

Stay close to the one you love and pay attention to detail, lest you become another careless victim in a terrible and increasingly unpredictable series of gory mishaps. Don’t dare to be careless. Don’t dare to take your safety for granted. Prepare yourself for BREAK from CutThroat Entertainment, coming at you Halloween 2009. It will challenge your assumptions and then threaten all you hold dear!

BREAK. You’ll never see it coming (but if you’re in the mood for a creepy sneak peek, see the BREAK trailer, here:

BREAK is a new film and one of many projects by CutThroat Entertainment, an exciting new presence on the independent film scene. If you haven’t caught the buzz about CutThroat Entertainment yet, expect to hear much more soon. CTE is a young, Columbus-based, multi-talented company in the midst of generating myriad new concepts in film and digital entertainment. Find out more at here.


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