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Bossy Grrl’s Performer Comes on as Co-Owner

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Bossy Grrl’s Performer Comes on as Co-OwnerPhoto by Eric Paul Owens, courtesy of Cora Helton.
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After seven years in business, Bossy Grrl’s Pinup Joint, 2598 N. High St. in Old North, is under new ownership, and has been purchased by one of its performers.

The popular burlesque bar also hosts music and drag shows while serving up local beers and craft cocktails.

“I fell in love with the bar the first time I came in, shortly after it opened,” says new owner Cora Helton, who has been performing in Columbus for over 15 years. “It was such a welcome, friendly environment, and had this amazing girl power vibe.”

Helton, who performs under the stage name Cora Mandragora, began performing with The Sex Kitten Purrlesque, Bossy Grrl’s house burlesque troupe, only three years ago, but felt the calling to do more soon after joining.

“I’d only been performing for a few months when the troupe leader left, and knew I had the directing experience from my other endeavors to make it work,” she said. “The Sex Kitten Purrlesque has grown in popularity and people are excited to see our shows. I knew that the next step was to apply my own brand of creative success to the bar we call home.”

Helton says she first approached co-owner Mike Folker about buying out the other co-owner. Come to find out, he was also considering asking Helton to come on as an owner.

“I think doing anything I can to make Bossy appeal to performers is going to bring good talent to our stage,” Helton says regarding what affect being an owner will have on Bossy Grrl’s.

She adds that being a co-owner and being in a direct leadership role is something more arts and entertainment organizations should be doing.

Like all other bars, Bossy Grrl’s was required to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Helton and Folker have made the most of the situation, moving performances online and using the closure time to do some remodeling around the bar. They plan on reopening in mid-September, slowly and cautiously.

“It’s not often that an artist gets to make this sort of transition, and all my fans and friends have been really supportive,” she said. “Bossy Grrl’s is such an important space, for entertainers, for the LGBTQ+ community, and for the whole community. I can’t wait to take that to the next level.”

For more information, visit Bossy Grrl’s on Facebook facebook.com/BossyGrrls.

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