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BoMA puts faith in new leadership

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The Other Paper wrote BoMA puts faith in new leadership


A recent visit to the Bar of Modern Art left Night Moves with the impression that the high-profile nightclub/gallery/restaurant on East Broad Street was going a bit pear-shaped. The music was lame, and the half-capacity crowd was as energetic as the art was inspiring, which is to say both were entirely second-rate for a nightclub as culturally ambitious as BoMA.

Even the best nightclub has a bit of a lull after the initial grand-opening buzz, and countless other disposable Columbus clubs have closed after the crowds (and their wallets) have moved on to newer, fresher places to see and be seen. But BoMA is another beast entirely: One doesn’t throw in the towel when such a high-concept, multimillion-dollar investment shows signs of slowing.

BoMA, after an investor takeover and restructuring complete with new creative and promotional directors, is building up to its second wind.


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