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Boline Apothecary Opening Tonic Club in Clintonville

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Boline Apothecary Opening Tonic Club in ClintonvillePhotos by Rebecca Wagner.
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Boline Apothecary is moving shop down the street from 4764 North High to 15 West Dunedin Road. The official move will take place February 1st, with doors officially opening a few days later.

The new location, a cottage tucked behind fair trade coffee shop Global Gallery, takes up the former space of Dan The Gutterman’s workshop. Renovations will include new floors, ceilings, and new paint on the interior and exterior. New products will be introduced, as well as a tonic club. The club will focus on making seasonal and everyday herbal tonics, gentle formulas that promote health and wellness. Dozens of events and classes will continue to be offered, including seed swaps and medicine maker workshops.

The original store came to fruition when owner Lily Kunning made the move to Columbus in 2012, after attending an herbalist school in California. She started making batches of herbal remedies for friends and family, who encouraged her to try her hand selling at local farmer’s markets. Her products, which focused on simple, herb-based natural formulations, quickly gained popularity and grew to a full product line. She was surprised to learn Columbus was lacking an herb store, and, after successfully selling her products at farmer’s markets around the city, opened Boline Apothecary in April 2014. About a third of the products are made in-house, with their extensive selection of bulk dried herbs. The other two thirds of their products are locally made from around Ohio.

Boline’s neighbors in the new location are “very synergistic,” said Kunning. She plans to coordinate events with Global Gallery, Wholly Craft, Momentum 98, and others nearby for events like the Clintonville Farmer’s Market, which opens on April 25th.

“We fill a niche. It’s definitely its own thing, and people are pretty appreciative,” said Kunning.

EXTRA: To read more about the business behind Boline, CLICK HERE to visit TheMetropreneur.

For more information, visit bolineapothecary.com.

Photos by Rebecca Wagner.


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