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Bokes Creek Winery Specializes in Wild Fruit Varietals

Walker Evans Walker Evans Bokes Creek Winery Specializes in Wild Fruit Varietals
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Located just 45 minutes northwest of Downtown Columbus, the Bokes Creek Winery has been open to the public for three years now, though owners Michael and Diane Frasca have been making wine personally for several years prior. Their operation leans heavily toward other types of wild fruits used to make wine, rather than grapes.

We spoke recently with Diane Frasca to find out more about the business. Our full Q&A can be found below:

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Q: What can you tell us a bit about the history of Bokes Creek?

A: We bought our property and found that there was a lot of wild fruit growing. We began harvesting the fruit and making wine for our own consumption. We also served it to friends and families, and they started taking it to their extended friends and families. People really liked it, so we got our liquor license in 2010, and have been enjoying the business ever since.

Q: What types of wines are you best known for?

A: We are best known for semi-sweet fruit (non-grape) wines; blackberry, black & red raspberry, rhubarb, pear, and blueberry to name a few. We also have some grape wines, and other fruits.

Q: What is most unique about your processes or techniques?

A: We are unique in that we do not use kits to produce our wines. Everything is made from whole fruits, with no unusual recipes. For example, our pear wine is made from pears, and only pears. Therefore, our wines have a very fresh and authentic flavor.

Q: In addition to selling wine, are your facilities home to events or other uses?

A: Every Friday night we host live music. We do not have food, but we welcome people bringing their own food. We do not charge a cover for the music, we just ask that each table purchases some wine. It’s a great time!

Q: Are there other locations where can our readers find your wines in Central Ohio?

A: We sell to a few stores: Mosier’s IGA in Raymond, Country Jack’s in Broadway, and The Plaza Inn Restaurant in Mount Victory.

More information can be found online at www.bokescreekwinery.com.

Photo via Bokes Creek.

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