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Biscuit and Branch Brings the South to the Short North

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Biscuit and Branch Brings the South to the Short NorthPhoto by Walker Evans.
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Come Christmas, southern-inspired Biscuit and Branch will make hot chicken, sausage gravy and biscuits an all-day fare. The restaurant, still in the early stages of construction, will make its debut at 685 North High Street in the Short North in late December.

Biscuit and Branch Culinary Director Paul Yow said it’s hip, fresh, and scratch. A midsize breakfast menu, available any time, will revolve around biscuits. At lunch time they’ll add some sandwiches, shareable appetizers and larger plates. And at night, a chef’s dinner is offered for people looking for a more “upscale” meal on their evenings out.

The menu would offer six or seven options with recipes changing weekly or daily.

“For example, utilizing the best seafood we can get that day,” Yow said. “It’s a chance for the chefs to then stretch out their culinary talent without having an entire menu that looks like that.”

For inspiration, Yow took a trip. His stay in Nashville no doubt sparked the idea to offer hot chicken; Charleston, as in most places in the Carolinas might, provided motivation to create such a biscuit-centric menu; and a Louisiana influence can be seen with Yow’s Cajun gumbo, guaranteed to be on the menu.

Still, as the building is in early stages of construction, Yow is developing his menu at this point. He knows for sure, though, that there will be a wide whiskey variety, a selection of local beers, and a “small but nice wine list.” Biscuit and Branch is actually a play on “Bourbon and Branch.”

“There’s an old term called bourbon and branch, and it refers to bourbon and water, and there’s a couple references,” Yow said. “Some of your better distilleries would be located near a really good water source, and so the term branch water came about.”

Up to 200 guests can fit in the deep space. After entering, people will see a large island bar, booth seating and table seating. Up the stairs will be a kitchen and also a large family-style table  for big parties.

Barring any delays, Biscuit and Branch will be up and running in a few months, and Yow said more details will be available within a month.

For more information, visit www.biscuitandbranch.com.


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