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Bird and Flower Releases First Full-Length Album

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Eve Searls is snuggly in her own skin and it’s downright inspiring. “I guess I’ve just embraced my weirdness,” said the raven-haired songstress of Bird and Flower. Listening to her music is like sipping herbal tea topped with a dash of vodka. It’s ethereal and edgy, dance-able and cry-able — and unshakably cathartic. Eve began writing songs at the age of 17 after getting a guitar from Costco for Christmas. For a decade she only played at home in front of her cats because she was too shy to sing in public. She battled stage fright, hand made dozens of CD’s, and has performed in live shows for the past two years. This Saturday she’ll release her first full-length album on Sunken Treasure Records at Wholly Craft in Clintonville.

Named after a style of Japanese ink painting, Bird and Flower is known for playing at house shows and in very intimate environments. “I like the kind of show where you feel like you can sit right next to the person performing,” Eve said.

Eve grew up in several parts of Alaska and attended college in Seattle. She moved to Columbus in 2002 for law school, worked as a legal aid attorney for several years, and became a foreclosure prevention counselor. She realized that she didn’t want to keep moving and called her inaugural album Here We Cease Our Motion. “I’m mature enough now that I can create a happy life for myself wherever I am,” she said. “I’m getting used to the idea of staying in one place and settling into a lifestyle.”

Here We Cease Our Motion was inspired by the majesty of Alaskan nature and the devastation of a Columbus breakup. Eve started writing songs “the day after getting dumped” and recorded the whole album in her living room. It evolved into a 10-track ode to self-sufficiency. “Having a naïve, girlish desire to be with someone is a ridiculous pursuit,” she said. “I wanted to get away from being that stereotypical girl.”

Eve collaborated with several local musicians to complete her record. It was produced by Jerry DeCicca of The Black Swans, mastered by Jake Housh of Moviola, and mixed by Justin Riley of Super Desserts, who played harmonium on the album and plays live with Bird and Flower.

Eve’s dream is to tour and play music full-time. This girl has come a long way from teaching herself Beck songs on the guitar and sneaking peeks at MTV when her parents weren’t watching.

Bird and Flower will host an album release party on July 25 at Wholly Craft with Moviola, Jordan Martin, and MC Sam Craighead. Admission is free and music will begin at 7:30 p.m. Eve’s mother bake a walnut torte in honor of the occasion. The band also will perform on August 1 at Skylab and on August 8 at Monster House.

Visit birdandflowerband.com for more information.

Alexandra Kelley writes about music for Columbus Underground and can be reached at alexandra477.com.

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