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BiBiBop Asian Grill Opening Polaris Location

Walker Evans Walker Evans BiBiBop Asian Grill Opening Polaris LocationPhoto via Bibibop.
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Bibibop is working quickly to corner the market on fast casual Korean fare. Their original Fifth Avenue store opened last August, followed by a Henderson Road expansion in February, and next on the agenda is a Polaris location this summer followed by an Easton location in the fall.

“To be among the best-of-class retail and restaurant establishments at Easton Town Center and the Polaris-area is exciting for a brand, especially one that is so young,” said Bibibop Founder and Chief Executive Officer Charley Shin, “And, with the expansive number of shoppers that the locations offer, we are able to share our food with millions of people hungry for healthy, satisfying food.”

Concept lead Joe Holbrook says that the Polaris location will feature a layout and configuration very similar to what is offered at the current location, keeping the focus on an efficient and friendly atmosphere.

“The restaurant’s centralized location on Polaris Parkway will satisfy the demands of the area flush with retail and commercial businesses,” added Holbrook.

Bibibop Concept Administrator Ellie Robinson stated that the actual address of the Polaris location is not being announced until paperwork for the lease is finalized, but said that it will be located on Polaris Parkway, not within the actual Polaris Fashion Place mall. More details would be coming soon on the location, including a grand opening date.

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For more information, visit www.bibibop.com.

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