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Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits to Close on July 7th

Walker Evans Walker Evans Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits to Close on July 7thBetty's Fine Food and Spirits — Photo by Mollie Lyman.
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The writing has been on the wall at Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits since the start of 2014, and even though the original plan was to close around the end of January, the restaurant has continued to occupy its original Short North space for a couple of extra months. That officially comes to a close on Monday July 7th when the lights will go out at the end of the night.

The original news announcement in January did come with a silver lining — Betty’s would be relocating to a new space on Gay Street next to the Downtown Hills Market. Columbus Food League Owner Elizabeth Lessner says that relocation has been delayed due to multiple factors.

“We have not yet signed the Gay Street lease — this is my fault mostly,” said Lessner. “Opening two restaurants during a polar vortex plus opening another restaurant in July (Chintz Room) was probably not my best plan and admittedly, I bit off more than I could chew.”

So for the time being, while Lessner is focused on the launch of the Chintz Room, hungry locals can focus their attention on grabbing a final meal or two in the 30 final days of Betty’s in the Short North. Don’t forget to say goodbye to the meatloaf, crab pasta, mac and cheese and all of the other classics.

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For more information, visit www.bettyscolumbus.com.

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