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Best Sports Team of 2010 – The Buckeyes

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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2010 was a pretty good year for sports in Columbus. The Crew went to the playoffs again. The Clippers went to the playoffs and won the Governor’s Cup. The Blue Jackets named a new head coach and started off this season pretty well (although their fumblings with the failed new mascot and jerseys may have caused them to slip a bit). And last, but certainly not least, our #1 sports team of the year, the OSU Buckeyes had an up and down season, but played well overall and area headed to the Sugar Bowl next week to face off against Arkansas.

The Top 10 Sports Teams of 2010:

  1. OSU Buckeyes Football
  2. Columbus Crew
  3. Columbus Blue Jackets
  4. Ohio Roller Girls
  5. Columbus Clippers
  6. OSU Men’s Basketball
  7. Cleveland Browns
  8. OSU Men’s Hockey
  9. OSU Women’s Basketball
  10. Various Kickball Teams

Flashback: Best Sports Team of 2009 – The Buckeyes

Flashback: Best Sports Team of 2009 – The Crew

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