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Best New Restaurant of 2008: bonoPIZZA

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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(Photo by swampkitty)

While only open for roughly five months last year (July through November) bonoPIZZA made a good enough impression on the regulars of Columbus Underground to land it a number one spot in our poll for Best New Restaurant of 2008.

What started off with a simple inquisitive post about the discovery of their menu quickly grew into one of the longest running discussions on Columbus Underground in 2008, with regulars flocking to the restaurant multiple times a week to partake in the quality food, the sidewalk ambiance, and the entertainment by hosts Bill & Peggy Yerkes.

It came as a surprise to many in November when Bill announced that bono would be closing while relocating to Grandview. The original plan was to be re-open by mid-December, but some delays have left them unopened into the new year. Many regulars have been showing signs of withdrawl, so the grand re-opening should be very well attended when the time arrives.

Second Place: Nida’a Thai on High

Third Place: Sage American Bistro

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