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Best New Bar of 2013: 16 Bit Bar+Arcade

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best New Bar of 2013: 16 Bit Bar+Arcade
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We’ve all got our favorite watering holes, but sometimes you feel like a change. To that end, Columbus has had no shortage of brand new bars that have opened all year long. Many different neighborhoods are represented in the results of our annual readers survey on this question, but the top spot on the list goes to one of the most hotly anticipated openings of the year: The 16 Bit Bar+Arcade.

The new Downtown bar boasts over 40 classic arcade games ranging from Donkey Kong to Street Fighter II and a drink menu filled with craft beers and fun cocktails named after movie stars of the 80s. Since opening back in July, the bar’s location at 254 South Fourth has helped to cement the block as a hip Downtown haven, complimenting a great existing bar and restaurant lineup that includes Dirty Frank’s, Little Palace and El Camino.

“I used to live in the Brewery District and I’ve been watching Downtown come to life again,” said 16 Bit Owner Troy Allen in a CU interview in April. “The idea of opening another business Downtown is really what attracted me to pursuing this.”

For more information, visit www.16-bitbar.com.

Top 10 New Columbus Bars of 2013:

  1. 16 Bit Bar+Arcade
  2. Pint House & Beer Garden
  3. Seventh Son
  4. The Crest
  5. Arch City Tavern
  6. Bakersfield
  7. Little Rock
  8. Strongwater Food and Spirits
  9. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing
  10. Bossy Grrrl’s Pin Up Joint
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