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Best Mode of Transportation of 2008: Biking

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The most popular form of transportation in 2008 was also one of the most controversial subjects on Columbus Underground: Biking.

In May, Consider Biking opened up the warm weather season with launching Bike to Work Week, aimed at educating the public about this transportation alternative and promoting a more healthy lifestyle. The Mayor and City Council also announced and approved plans for hundreds of miles of new paths and bike boulevards. But not everything was always quite so positive.

Some news discussions (such as this one) snowballed into “cars versus bikes” arguments that typically got very heated very quickly. Other messageboard topics started bad and got even worse (like this one).

Things started to cool back down in the fall with mostly more positive biking discussions including the Bike The C-Bus events and Columbus Underground’s role in helping to add 62 new bike rack locations around the city based on user-submitted suggestions.

Hopefully the topic of biking will see smooth sailing into 2009. Any predictions on the this year’s top form of transportation?

Second Place: Walking

Third Place: COTA

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