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Best Messageboard Topic of 2011 – Gay Street Patios

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Messageboard Topic of 2011 – Gay Street Patios
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The Columbus Underground Messageboard has become the place to go for the latest breaking news, insightful/color commentary and to catch up on the latest topic du jour. A lot of ground can be covered there in any given day, and the topics range from casual conversations about dinner to hot-button national political issues and how their impact affects life at a local level.

When we asked our readers to pick their favorite topics of 2011, the one that jumped to the top of the list was the summertime drama that took place between a collection of Gay Street Business Owners and the City of Columbus Department of Public Service, which was aggressively over-enforcing patio right-of-way regulations to the detriment of Downtown vibrancy. The issue came to a heated boil in August, and was resolved through several public meetings and a follow up two part interview that we conducted.

The Top 10 Messageboard Topics of 2011:

  1. Downtown Businesses VS Columbus Department of Public Service
  2. Wonderland Columbus
  3. Weinland Park
  4. Issue 2 / SB5 – Collective Bargaining
  5. The Sale/Purchase of Nationwide Arena
  6. How does your garden grow?
  7. Development & Construction News
  8. Transportation Discussion & News
  9. The OSU Football Scandal
  10. The United States of Inequality

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