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Best Local Landmark of 2010 – LeVeque Tower

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Another question new to this year’s “Best of 2010” list is the landmark question. We felt that it was a significant question to our poll takers after so many conversations this year revolved around the idea of branding (or re-branding) our city.

The iconic 86-year-old LeVeque tower stood tall in first place on our list. When first constructed, the tower was the fifth tallest building in the world, but today is no longer the tallest building in Columbus. The rest of the Top 10 Landmarks are rounded out by both old and new structures including the historic Ohio Stadium, historic Ohio Theatre, and 2010 newcomer, The Main Street Bridge.

Top 10 Columbus Landmarks of 2010:

  1. The LeVeque Tower
  2. The Short North Arches
  3. Ohio Stadium
  4. The Main Street Bridge
  5. The Statehouse
  6. The Union Station Arch
  7. The Ohio Theatre
  8. The Santa Maria
  9. The ART Sign at CCAD
  10. Goodale Park
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