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Best Local Band of 2010 – Old Hundred

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Old Hundred only released their first album in November, but it left quite an impression on local music aficionados as it easily shot them to the top of our survey for Best Local Band of 2010.

“One listen through the album demonstrates that the band refuses to adhere to a narrow margin of what Old Hundred sounds like,” said Lauren Wilson in a recent review of their debut album. “Tracks move from the jangling, front porch sing-along feel of “Babe Sweet Darlin” to the dark and thundery urgency of “Clouds” and “Good Timin’ Man” to the less brooding alternative folk feel of “Massachusetts” and “Midwest Girl”. Despite their differences, each of the meticulously crafted tracks join together to form a beautifully cohesive whole.”

The Top 10 Local Bands of 2010:

  1. Old Hundred
  2. Yellow Light Maybe
  3. Karate Coyote
  4. Floorwalkers
  5. Phantods
  6. Nick Tolford & Company
  7. The Wet Darlings
  8. The Spikedrivers
  9. Cadaver Dogs
  10. Earwig

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