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Best Local Band of 2008: Brainbow

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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After years of live shows, local band Brainbow finally released their critically-praised debut album in 2008. While many local bands go without too many mentions on Columbus Underground, Brainbow’s fanbase has seen a steady increase here and named them as our “Best Local Band of 2008”. Brainbow is actually playing a show tomorrow night at The Summit, if you’d like to check them out. If that’s too short of notice, then you can track their other upcoming gigs on their Myspace page.

Second Place: The Damn Yous

Third Place: Two Cow Garage

#4 O.A.R.

#5 Rosehips

#6 The Hoo Doo Soul Band

#7 The Floorwalkers

#8 This is my Suitcase

#9 The Tough and Lovely

#10 The Receiver

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