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Best Local Band 2009: The Receiver

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Thanks to the writing work of Alexandra Kelley, the local music scene was brought front and center on CU throughout 2009, and it showed in our reader’s poll with a very wide range of support for local musicians. In the end, only one band could top the charts, and that band is The Receiver. Brothers Casey and Jesse Cooper started The Receiver in 2005 and won over a lot of new fans with their May 2009 album “Length of Arms” and great accompanying music video for the song “Visitor”.

The Top 10 Local Bands of 2009:

  1. The Receiver
  2. Spikedrivers
  3. Brainbow
  4. Six Gallery
  5. Envelope
  6. Floorwalkers
  7. Flotation Walls
  8. Wing and Tusk
  9. This is My Suitcase
  10. Phantods
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