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Best Local Artist of 2011: Laura Alexander

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Local Artist of 2011: Laura Alexander
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After three years of dominating our Top 10, Joey Monsoon has been unseated by Laura Alexander for the title of Best Local Artist of 2011.

Laura’s work is easily recognizable, a unique presentation of cut white paper and etched glass that casts shadows that add contrast and depth to her displays. Her work is presented in a straightforward fashion that is full of ornate detail upon closer inspection.

One of Laura’s big accomplishments in 2011 was taking home 7th place in the nationally recognized ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a competition that over 1500 artists entered.

The Top 10 Local Artists of 2011:

  1. Laura Alexander
  2. Adam Brouillette
  3. Coreroc
  4. Stephanie Rond
  5. Heather Wirth
  6. Michael Bush
  7. Kat Marie Moya
  8. Joey Monsoon
  9. Chelsea Perkins
  10. Boryana Rusenova Ina

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