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Best Local Artist of 2008: Joey Monsoon

Anne Evans Anne Evans
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The local art scene in Columbus is an incredibly vibrant one. Between the educational programs at OSU and CCAD, the art galleries of the Short North, and the artist collectives at Junctionview Studios, Skylab, Chop Chop and beyond, we’ve really got a lot to take in.

But only one individual can take the top title of “Best Local Artist of 2008”, and that artist is Joey Monsoon. Joey’s work could be found practically everywhere in 2008 including: Urban Scrawl, the ROY G BIV gallery, the C-Note Art Show, Agora V, the gallery at GRIP Technology, the Cowtipping show, and the Chop Chop Gallery.

Second Place: Adam Brouillette

Third Place: Coreroc

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