Best Idea for a Fancy Date in 2014: Dinner and a Show

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We’ve asked our readers about their favorite places for cheap dates in the past, so this year we decided to poll everyone on where they like to go for a fancy night out on the town where money is no object (or less of an object at least). Overwhelmingly, the response fell into two categories: places to eat, and places to see a show of some sort. Most of the dinner date restaurants named were already given praise in our fine dining list earlier this week, so rather than repeating them all over again, we listed all of the options that excluded those duplicates, and paired the top dining results with the top entertainment results. We hope that you find the final list both fairly representative of the results and a fun way to brainstorm new things to do in 2015:

The Top 10 Fancy Date Night Ideas in Columbus of 2014:

  1. Dinner at The Pearl + a concert at Nationwide Arena
  2. Dinner at Haiku + a Short North shopping stroll
  3. Dinner at The Table + a show at Balletmet
  4. Dinner at The Crest + a Columbus Symphony show
  5. Dinner at Wolf’s Ridge + a show at Shadowbox Live
  6. Dinner at Black Creek Bistro + a visit to the Franklin Park Conservatory
  7. Dinner at Third & Hollywood + A Trip to the Hollywood Casino
  8. Dinner at Marcella’s + a Theatre show Downtown
  9. Dinner at Ocean Club + a shopping trip at Easton
  10. Dinner at Martini + a Blue Jackets game

Note: Our “Best of 2014″ lists are published as the result of our annual reader survey/poll.

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