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Best Grocery Store of 2014: Lucky’s Market

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Grocery Store of 2014: Lucky’s MarketPhoto by Walker Evans.
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Grocery Stores are not what they used to be. A decade ago, they were a place to buy food and not much else. Today, it seems strange if there’s no prepared food section, a coffee bar, fresh sushi, local products, or a growler-fill station. It’s worth noting that nearly every grocery store on our Top 10 list has either been built new, reconstructed or renovated within the past five years. That means tough competition among them, but great news for local shoppers who want the highest quality products and experiences.

At the top of our list this year, readers voted for Lucky’s Market, the Colorado-based chain that opened up in Clintonville in the fall of 2013. While the store isn’t that large in size, it boasts a similar product selection to its larger counterparts, and keeps the focus on healthy foods, fresh organic product, and a large area devoted to prepared meals on the go.

For more information, visit www.luckysmarket.com.

The Top 10 Grocery Stores in Columbus of 2014:

  1. Lucky’s Market
  2. Hills Market Downtown
  3. Whole Foods Upper Arlington
  4. Grandview Yard Market District
  5. Whole Foods Dublin
  6. North Market
  7. Kingsdale Giant Eagle Market District
  8. Weiland’s Market
  9. Trader Joe’s Easton
  10. Hills Market Worthington

Note: Our “Best of 2014″ lists are published as the result of our annual reader survey/poll.

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