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Best Food Cart of 2010 – Foodie Cart

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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We almost left the category of Best Food Cart off our list this year since we already did a more casual survey in September to find the Top 10 Food Carts of the Summer. We’re glad we did include this though, as the results that came back variety a little bit with a wide polling audience.

The food cart that landed in first place in our Best of 2010 list was Foodie Cart, the Japanese-style crepe cart owned by Kenny Kim & Misako Ohba. Their cart was one of the most talked about food businesses on CU this year, so their placement at the top of the list is quite fitting.

Top 10 Food Carts of 2010:

  1. Foodie Cart
  2. Mikey’s Late Night Slice
  3. Junior’s Tacos
  4. RayRay’s Hog Pit
  5. Rad Dog
  6. 3 Babes & A Baker
  7. Da LeVee Express
  8. Taqueria Davanne
  9. Los Potosinos
  10. Leslie’s Creperie
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