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Best Fine Dining of 2011: Basi Italia

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Fine Dining of 2011: Basi Italia
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For the past three years, we’ve kept our “Best Restaurant” category very simple, without dividing it into 100 different cuisine sub-genres. While that keeps our survey a manageable size, it has left a lot of room to be desired for properly recognizing all of the great places that Columbus has to offer. So this year, we’ve split the category in two for “everyday” restaurants and for “fine dining”.

At the top of our fine dining category is Basi Italia, a cozy Victorian Village restaurant that features classic italian fare with modern updates. Husband and wife team John Dornback and Trish Gentile provide a friendly environment, while Chef Dornback demonstrates his skill with a consistently amazing menu. Their patio is also known as one of the best in the city during the summer months, and cocktails at the outdoor bar makes for a great accompaniment to their menu.

The Top 10 Fine Dining Restaurants of 2011:

  1. Basi Italia
  2. The Refectory
  3. Alana’s Food & Wine
  4. Lindey’s
  5. Rigsby’s Kitchen
  6. Barcelona
  7. G. Michael’s
  8. M
  9. Kihachi
  10. Deepwood

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