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Best Drink of 2009: Great Lakes Christmas Ale

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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  • Sumo

We’re not quite sure if this is a result of conducting our reader survey at the end of the year, or if people really anticipate this seasonal beer all year long, but either way, Great Lakes Christmas Ale took home the number one spot as Best Drink of 2009. Made by The Great Lakes Brewing Company located in Cleveland, this award-winning Ohio beer is only available in November and December. Many local bars feature keg tapping parties to celebrate the arrival of their first (and sometimes only) batch of the season.

Top 10 Drinks of 2009:

  1. Great Lakes Christmas Ale
  2. Guinness Draught
  3. Columbus Brewing Company Pale Ale
  4. Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR)
  5. Manhattan
  6. Stella Artois
  7. Gin & Tonic
  8. Magic Hat #9
  9. Miller Lite
  10. “Anything at Nida’s”


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