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Best Featured Articles of 2009: The At Home Series

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Throughout 2009, Columbus Underground offered up a wide variety of news content, personal interviews, and other special features. Our reader’s poll revealed that many different types of these articles were well received, but the ongoing monthly feature that topped the list was the “At Home” series written by Anne Evans. Each month, Anne featured a home renovation article dedicated to interesting houses in urban neighborhoods all around the city. The homes and homeowners profiled primarily represented a younger demographic interested in home restoration with affordable budgets in mind. The series of articles is scheduled to continue in 2010, and if you own a home that you’re interested in featuring, you can get in touch via email with [email protected]

Top 10 Features and Articles on ColumbusUnderground.com in 2009:

  1. At Home
  2. City Council Interviews
  3. Casino Coverage
  4. Ibiza Interview with Rajesh Lahoti
  5. The Announcement of Columbus Commons
  6. New Restaurants Opened in 2009
  7. The Evolving Role of the Columbus Metro Library
  8. The Reopening of Bono Pizza
  9. Bill Lhota Answers Your Light Rail Questions
  10. The Dirty Frank’s Grand Opening
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