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Best CU Contributor of 2010 – Bear

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Columbus Underground has always been a community-driven resource and provides a space for locals to start conversations, post questions, discuss various current news topics and anything else that randomly comes to mind. Of that community, some contributors stand out more than others with well-worded, thoughtful, insightful and knowledgeable commentary to the topic at hand. The number one contributor of 2010 was Bear, who matches all of those qualifications. Whether sharing information on Slow Food events, OYO Mixology, Happy Meal Bans, or any plethora of topics, food or non-food related, Bear always contributes something worth reading.

The Top 10 Columbus Underground Contributors of 2010:

  1. Bear
  2. RockmasterMike
  3. Gramarye
  4. Anne
  5. JimL2
  6. Twixlen
  7. Tie: Cookie & Coremodels
  8. Alexandra Kelley
  9. Jeff R
  10. Kit444

Flashback: Best CU Contributor of 2009 – Alexandra Kelly

Flashback: Best CU Contributor of 2008 – JimL2 & ndcent

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