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Best CU Contributor of 2009: Alexandra Kelley

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Columbus Underground has always been a community-driven resource, giving anyone the ability to sign up, log in, and share their thoughts on any type of local topic. Our reader’s poll revealed that in 2009, Alexandra Kelley made the most valued impact to CU through her contributions. Throughout 2009, Alex posted over 35 articles to CU including interviews with local bands, restaurant reviews, event previews, and news articles on the opening of new retail shops. Alex was also involved in keeping the Goodale Park Music Series alive in 2009, which was enjoyed by many Columbus Underground regulars.

The Top 10 Columbus Underground Contributors in 2009:

  1. Alexandra Kelley
  2. Anne Evans
  3. Bear
  4. Jon Myers
  5. Elizabeth Lessner
  6. Coremodels
  7. OSULew
  8. Andrew Hall
  9. Rockmaster Mike
  10. Lisathewaitress
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